If you’ve been reading about HTC the past two years, you know their troubles. A failed partnership with Beats, diminished customer interest, and poor sales have dogged them. The One was/is a good handset, but failed to be the silver bullet they needed. Perhaps you’d just like to ask them yourself what’s going on. Now’s your chance.

HTC is going the Reddit route, sitting down for an AMA this afternoon. At 1:30 PST, the Taiwanese company will take questions via the popular microblogging platform. Unfortunately, we don’t know who from HTC will be doing the AMA, so we’re not sure just how much info will be available.

Also, we should keep in mind it’s an Ask Me Anything, not an Answer All Questions. HTC is likely using it as a PR platform, not so much an honest, open chat about how they’re planning to pull themselves from last place. They’ve previously said wearables are a focus for them moving forward, but is it enough? Will the M8 be the device the One couldn’t be?

Ask them! Ask about the new M8, their wearables, all of it. With MWC just around the corner, it’s unlikely HTC will reveal much about their upcoming devices, but it can’t hurt to ask. There has to be some reason for the AMA, too. Companies rarely go into these things blind, or without a plan of action for framing the discussion — but why hold it at all? We’ll be curious to see what comes of this.

Source: Reddit