Samsung and LG busted out their new flagships, the Galaxy S7 and the G5 respectively, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. But one OEM that did not is HTC, even as they did announce some new mid-range devices. But on the last day of the annual event, they did release a teaser email blast, hinting that the announcement of their upcoming flagship, rumored to be the One M10, will be coming soon.

The email contains the subject line The Power of 10 and contained an image that showed off the silhouette in what we’re assuming is of course the new flagship device. Based on this teaser, we can probably expect the One M10 in the next few weeks, hopefully before Apple makes its big announcement on March 15, if they don’t want to get drowned in the whole media machinery.

Not much is known about the One M10, other than the leaks a few days ago of a “real-life photo” of the device, which showed a bit of a design departure from their usual. It’s supposed to be a 5.2-inch smartphone and based on the image, there will be no huge HTC logo on the front and no stereo speakers as well. The fingerprint scanner will be at the bottom of its face. The codename of the flagship is supposedly Perfume, although we don’t know what that has to do with anything.

With the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5 both gaining good reviews and early fans, it will be tough for HTC to top this, unless they have something really radical up the One M10’s sleeve. The previous flagships ever since the One M7 set the bar high for the OEM, so hopefully this will also be great.