Yes, Cox Cable is working on a wireless service. Slowly, but surely, the cable providers wants to have their own niche market, and if these screenshots from Android Central are any indicator, then it looks like the company was using an Android-based device for testing. Sure, it could mean that the company plans on launching the wireless service with the CDMA HTC Hero as part of their wireless line-up, but for now, we’ll just chalk this one up to testing.

There’s no physical branding on the handset. It looks exactly like the Sprint version of the HTC Hero, but obviously without any logos on the front or back. It was purchased off Craig’s List for $230 (which is probably a very, very good deal), and it features several ways to see the Cox branding within the device. For example, it has a Cox boot screen, which we will admit is a bit strange for just a test device. Additionally, digging into the Settings menu shows Cox as the network provider.

It was only able to run on a CDMA network of 1xRTT (the source said he wasn’t able to get it running on any 3G networks). Additionally, as we’ve probably come to expect, the device is running Android 1.5. There’s absolutely nothing official about this, so for now you’ll have to keep that salt shaker handy, but at least it’s a sign of something that could come down the pipe soon.

[via Android Central]