The much anticipated HTC firmware update for the Hero seems to be on its way, with ROM version 2.73.405.5 showing up on the company’s Nordic support site.  Tipped to address issues of slow screen transitions, sluggishness of apps – including HTC Sense, the company’s UI makeover – and generally speed up the system as a whole, it seems reasonable to assume that HTC will be pushing out other regional variants imminently.

The new firmware doesn’t just make the Hero more speedy; it also brings with it a tweak to the 5-megapixel camera.  That tweak adds touch-to-focus, a feature seen on some of HTC’s Windows Mobile smartphones.

A PC is required to install the ROM, which is a free download.  It’s unclear whether this is a regionally-specific update – e.g. solely for those HTC Hero handsets in Denmark – or one suitable for across the board; we’ll be keeping an eye on other HTC regional sites to see what turns up there, too.

Update: There’s talk from a Swedish forum that HTC support in that country are advising not to use this update, warning that it “misses an important piece in the ROM”. The “real” one is said to be coming tomorrow, though other users are claiming to have installed it with no problems; might be worth waiting to see what arrives over the weekend. [Thanks John!]

Update 2: We’ve spoken to HTC and they say there’s no problem with the ROM available on the Swedish site.

[via SlashGear]


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