We’re still waiting for our own hands-on demo video of the HTC Hero to finish uploading, so while you’re waiting how about the company’s own video.  The official footage shows much of HTC Sense, the company’s new UI, which increases the number of Android homescreen panes to seven and brings a whole load of new widgets to them.

These widgets – which can live side-by-side with Google’s own Android widgets, and those of third-party developers – include Twitter, speed-dial, Facebook and music.  Some also have more than one format, such as the music widget which has a full-pane version and a smaller alternative.

What’s interesting is the co-existence with existing Android apps.  HTC have obviously learned a lot from their development of TouchFLO 3D, the GUI for Windows Mobile, but that interface takes over the smartphone and leaves no room for integration with other apps.  The great thing about HTC Sense is that you can choose exactly how much of it you want – or don’t want.  Check out the video below.