We’re not entirely sure where they acquired it – or perhaps who they had to bribe – but CoolSmartPhone have managed to find an HTC Hero for a few days of play.  Their unboxing video inexplicably starts with a brief wildlife watch, and takes place one-handed in a car, but we’ll cut them some slack; after all, we all know what it’s like to be so excited by a new toy that we can’t wait until we’re home to open it up.

Most of the video is a general overview of the device hardware; there’s no SIM in the handset at first, but we’re pleased to see that the Hero will still let you access much of Sense without one.  The new HTC UI looks just as smooth as it did in our hands-on testing.

Otherwise the contents of the box seems to be pretty much in line with every other HTC Android device we’ve seen: USB cable for charging and synchronizing, a power adapter and interchangeable power plug section, and stereo headset. We’re expecting our own Hero in soon, so keep asking questions for the official Android Community review!