Heartbleed, the newest hack affecting just about everything and everyone, recently got the Android once-over from security firm Lookout. Their research found that of the 100,000 users who were implementing their Heartbleed Detector, those running Android 4.1.1 were most susceptible. They also found that HTC devices were especially vulnerable.


Of the devices tested, the Evo, One S, and One X — all HTC devices — were the three most often popping up as vulnerable. In response to the claims, HTC issued a statement to SlashGear. Though they accept responsibility, they also want to drive home that current devices need not worry:

Privacy and security are important to HTC and we are committed to helping safeguard our customers’ devices and data. We’re currently working to implement the security patch issued by Google this week to the small number of older devices that are on Android 4.1.1. HTC flagship devices, including the HTC One and HTC One (M8), are not impacted. As part of our normal course of business, HTC provides software updates that include security updates, which is why it is important for customers to download software updates when available.

Lookout notes a handful of Android 4.2.2 devices appeared in their study, so it’s not certain that a flagship device will be your savior, here. HTC also didn’t offer up a timeframe for when this security patch would appear, but we hope they don’t follow their old methodology of watching the bottom line. If recent activity from HTC is any indication, a patch will be issued at the earliest possible time.