The war may be far from over, but HTC at least managed to win one legal battle. Despite suffering previous loses in German courts, HTC was just cleared of at least one patent lawsuit that Nokia brought against it.

Nokia set its sights on HTC, among other industry rivals, back in 2012, piling up a heap of patent lawsuits covering different countries, including the UK and Germany. While the legal battle has taken years, Nokia has recently been reaping the fruits of its toil. In the UK, Nokia was awarded victory, but luckily for HTC, the judge decided to allow continued sale of its HTC One and HTC One mini smartphones.

Getting a temporary retrieve, HTC actually managed to get the judge over at its side in one case in Germany. The patent in this case involved updating software of a mobile device using the air interface, in other words, over-the-air or OTA updates, something almost all smartphone manufacturers employ at some point. In particular, however, the patent only covers OTA methods that allowed users to accept calls during the process. According to presiding judge Dr. Matthias Zigann, HTC’s devices do not meet Nokia’s claims.

Of course, this is just one in many patent suits that HTC and Nokia are juggling all over the world. This is no way affects those other patents, including the USB-related patent case that HTC lost last month. It does give HTC a bit of hope that it could still salvage some cases from Nokia’s relentless attack, or, at least, win on appeal.

VIA: TalkAndroid


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