Remember last week when we reported that the HTC Flyer would be exclusive to Best Buy? Well that exclusivity isn’t as exclusive as we were led to believe. Kinda. First there was Sprint selling a WiMax version of the Flyer known as the HTC Evo View 4G. And now, according to a few leaked T-Mobile Ads, the Flyer looks to be in the Get More network’s product line and could be coming in the summer.

This is a bit confusing, however, as Best Buy was announcing the Flyer exclusive to them, and coming in April. Then the word was that it would be delayed until May. Now a possibility T-Mobile launches it in the summer?

The EVO View 4G is known to be a Flyer but since Sprint runs CDMA, the Flyer gets a CDMA/WiMAX connection, making it’s designation the Evo View 4G. T-Mobile, being GSM, gets the Flyer as is. And it will be sold at T-Mobile stores. So how is Best Buy’s exclusivity … well, exclusive?

Inquiring minds want to know.

[via PocketNow]