It appears that Verizon Wireless has another hot HTC handset headed their way sometime soon. Today we have already heard a few rumors regarding an upcoming HTC powerhouse smartphone and now Verizon looks to be getting their own. Being called the HTC Fireball this 4G LTE packing device could potentially be their next HTC flagship phone, or just another to add to that ever growing LTE lineup.

According to a leaked screenshot from Droid-Life the 4G LTE sporting phone was added to Verizon systems late last week. The screenshot below shows December 16th, and the rumored name — the HTC Fireball. No details can be confirmed other than the name.

Looking at the model number we can clearly see it’s listed as ADR6410L, which just so happens to be smack in the middle between the HTC Thunderbolt (ADR6400), and the new Rezound (ADR6425). This could be a few different things but for now anything would be purely speculation. This could be a decent mid-range offering slightly below the Rezound or possibly a successor to the Thunderbolt and that popular kickstand. As soon as we see or hear more we’ll be sure to update with additional details.

Other upcoming HTC devices can be seen below.

[via Droid-Life]