This week we’ve learned that HTC is facing another hurdle of many lately, and are reportedly experience a short supply of metal casings for their popular HTC One Mini smartphone. It’s being reported by Reuters that due to some design difficulties they’re experiencing some supply constraints, and might not meet demand.

These new details certainly won’t Help Their Cause with the recent “H.T.C” Here’s To Change campaign they’ve been running, as we actually need devices to buy from HTC. Following a line of other issues and problems plaguing the company, this is the last thing we need to hear.

We’re pulling for HTC, we really are. After all we need stiff competition to truly continue to see innovation drive forward, and HTC’s done exactly that with their HTC One smartphone. The report from Reuters goes on to mention that the company is having a hard time meeting demand for consumers, and their retail partners and telecom companies.

We’ve seen countless leaks regarding an HTC One Max with a 5.9-inch display for more than a few months, but still no details have been revealed. It’s possible these same supply issues are causing a delay to that device, but that’s just speculation at this point. Hopefully HTC can get everything squared away with their suppliers and designs, and get these exciting phones into consumers hands.

As a reminder, the first Android smartphone ever celebrated its 5th birthday yesterday. That being the HTC G1 smartphone. So lets Help This Company.