The smaller brother of the EVO crew, HTC EVO Shift 4G, has just received its first permaroot. This is thanks to the crew over at XDA Developers Forums, in particular bcnice20 and some dev friends of his or hers (Joeykrim, Toastcfh, scotty2, Guhl, preludedrew, and riggsandroid and Cosine83.) This means that you’ll be able to go wild and crazy with your device, hacking it all to pieces and putting it back together again as you see fit.

If you’d like to permaroot your HTC EVO Shift 4G, you’re going to need a bit of experience with the craft, as this is not your rare 2 clicks and your done sort of situation. When you head over to the XDA Forum thread and follow the instructions, be sure you’re doing so EXACTLY as they say. If you don’t, you’re phone is basically going to explode in your hands (or turn into a brick.) That said, tell us how it goes, as we’ll be here drinking soda. Have fun!

Grab the root by the roots [here]

[Via XDA Developers]


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