It’s been a little while now since the HTC EVO 4G launched for Sprint. Awhile enough for the phone to be a relative hit for the network, and to leave plenty of customers out there eagerly anticipating the “official” car dock for the device. Well, sure enough, today’s the day that you can finally head into a Sprint store and get your hands on one.

The “car upgrade kit” lets you do all the cool things you’ve wanted to do: put your EVO into it, and use it as a real GPS unit. You can plug your car charger into the dock itself, which connects to the EVO via its micro-USB port, so your phone shouldn’t die while you drive around aimlessly, finding new places you’ve never visited.

However, here’s a few things you should take note of: you can’t access the SD card when the EVO’s plugged into the car dock. It only works in landscape mode (we can’t really see that being a problem), and your phone won’t do data transfers while it’s plugged into the dock, either. Truth be told, we don’t see any of these things being a real issue while you’re driving, because you’re focusing on the road, right? Right?

[via GoodandEvo]