A few lucky Sprint employees managed to get their hands on the HTC EVO 4G, luckily for us they was kind enough to show us the packaging. I would’ve preferred an unboxing but we’ll settle for this (for now). As good as the phone looks both internal and externally, we can’t say the same about this choice in packaging.

If you’ve ever eaten a microwave dinner then you’ll be familiar with this packaging scheme. This Swanson dinner knockoff has a nice picture of the EVO proudly displaying its micro USB and HDMI ports. You can also see the QIK logo, QIK is Sprint’s partner that allows the EVO to use the front facing camera for video calls.

The user’s guide looks pretty thick and it appears to be constructed out of better stuff than the box. So far this is Sprint’s first stumble in marketing this device but I’m sure it won’t prevent many people from buying this awesome device. Look on the bright side, when you take your phone out you can heat up some noodles to eat while you play with your new toy.

[via engadget]