Apparently, when Sprint and HTC call a mulligan, they really mean it. And we’ll go ahead and say that, in this case, the second time’s a charm. As the title suggests, it sounds like a few (or, a lot) of lucky EVO owners out there are getting their own share of the Froyo love. All OTA style and what not.

And, as we’re sure that you’re more than aware, that means it’a day early. We already knew that Sprint was going to go the early route in some instances, but apparently they just decided that, after the earlier incident, to just go ahead and start shipping it out to everyone. And, as standard OTA updates go, this one’s rolling out gradually, so if you don’t get the update right now (or today) don’t freak out. And, also, if you’re rooted and you want to keep root, you probably don’t want to update, either.