That’s right folks, the EVO can now take advantage of wireless N technologies. Thanks to the great development community the EVO now has this great new feature. Recently, there have been a few complaints that the EVO had problems keeping a strong Wi-Fi connection, hopefully this addition will sure that problem up a bit.

This hack is brought to you by chuckhriczko from the XDA. It’s a pretty easy thing to do, just input a few adb commands after downloading the files and you can activate wireless N on your handset. Early reports say the speed is still the same, the advantage of N is the ability to access your network from a long distance.

Froyo might unlock wireless N for the EVO whenever it hits if you’re one of those people that want wait for an official release. Some users are reporting that this hack now allows them to keep a strong Wi-Fi signal on the same router that was giving them problems before. So if you’re ready to add this new feature to your EVO, click this link and get started.

[via androidcentral]


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