That didn’t take long at all. Not that it should have, considering the amount of work being put into rooting all the Android devices out there. Well, maybe not all of them — just the good ones, right? In any event, it’s just become known that the EVO, manufactured by HTC and Sprint’s first 4G device, has just been rooted. And that means that the official Android 2.2 build for the handset has been cracked, and super user permission is now permitted.

As usual, the folks over at XDA managed to get the root over and done with, but since this is the first root for the latest build of Android on the device, it’s not your simple “click this and your done” method. You’ll have to follow the steps outlined through the source link if you want to get your root on, but as usual, please be careful. You never know what may happen.

[via XDA Forums]