We told you it was coming, and sure enough, here it is. The guys over at SlashGear have been nice enough to videotape their first unboxing of the EVO 4G from Sprint, and they’re even including their first impressions of the device. So far? It looks like the EVO 4G is every bit as good as we all assumed it was going to be.

Now, in the box, there’s not much going in the accessories department. There is an 8GB MicroSD card included, thankfully, but other than that there’s nothing worth writing home about. However, the device itself is breathtaking in its gorgeousness. Of course, the real review is coming up soon enough, and they’ll definitely be putting the 1GHz Snapdragon, HTC Sense UI-wielding, 4.3-inch displaying Android 2.1 handset through its paces. So stay tuned!

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[via SlashGear]