HTC hasn’t always been the most popular Android handset maker and while the One appears to holding its own, the same can’t be said about a previous handset, the HTC Thunderbolt. Without getting into any specifics, it appears as if one HTC employee has recently taken to the web and offered an apology of sorts.

That employee is Erick Nielsen and he has been posting on Reddit where he is using the name of Erick_HTC. Aside from attempts to make it clear as to where his comments are coming from, he has said that he is “sorry about the Thunderbolt in general.” Further going on to mention that it was a “difficult project” and in speaking to the person who he was replying to, Erick has said he wishes they “didn’t destroy your trust” and goes on to say he understands.

Basically, it appears as if Erick has taken a sort of front-facing roll for HTC and will be further interacting with users moving forward. With that in mind, Erick also goes on to speak about how he isn’t from PR or marketing and that he may also step on PR mines from time to time. In an effort to make it clear where he stands, Erick touches on topics such as how he wants to “collect issues of our existing products so that we can either fix them or learn from our mistakes.”

Some of the other highlights here include how he wants you to feel respected as a consumer and how he wants HTC to be respected as a company. All that aside, while this is just one post that may ultimately amount to nothing, it does feel sort of encouraging. Of course, we have to remember that this is only one employee and only one posting. So how about it, if you had previously been burned by HTC, would this be enough to convince you to give them a second chance?

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