Before we hear any major announcement from either HTC or Google about a possible partnership or acquisition, let’s have a look about the most recent software update from the Taiwanese tech giant. We’ve been anticipating for the Edge Sense to be updated and it’s here, ready to give your HTC U11 more side-squeezing power.

The Edge Sense comes as a mobile app so you can quickly get the latest version from the Google Play Store. The goal of HTC is to make phones more one-handed friendly and convenient. With the update, you can use the feature to replace your single tap or double tap. This is in addition to quick snapping of a photo or quick app launch with a squeeze.

You can set a long or short squeeze to launch some preferred apps. You can also use this feature while multiple apps are open. This way, you can switch quickly between those apps just by squeezing.

For taking photos, you can use the Edge Sense now with more social media sharing apps such as Facebook or Instagram. When the screen is off, you can still squeeze to pause or play music. Forr Google Maps, squeeze to zoom in.

Other updates for the HTC Edge Sense include pre-loading options for more apps. Note that this update may be available for all HTC U11 users but only as an opt-in option.