HTC seems to have been shaking things up lately. We saw them take to the streets during the GALAXY S 4 announcement to show off the One smartphone. We also saw them take to Twitter with the hashtag of #theNextBigFlop. Well, while we have yet to see just how well either of these methods have proved, one thing seems clear — that was not HTC being quiet.

And it seems that HTC is actually planning to step things up a bit. In a recent report coming from The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Ho, HTC’s marketing chief has said the company is planning to drop the “Quietly Brilliant” tagline. Mr Ho. has said that HTC has had “a lot of innovations but we haven’t been loud enough” going on to say that “the new approach, will be bolder.”

Unfortunately Mr Ho. did not offer all that much in terms of what that will mean. Of course, we suspect it means more of what we have been seeing in regards to HTC going directly after Samsung. What he has said is that the digital marketing budget will be increased by 250 percent and how they will also be increasing the traditional media marketing by spending 100 percent.

Otherwise, we also saw some chatter in regards to the delays. Of course, this comes after we saw the news from HTC about the One arriving in the US before the end of April. That detail aside, Mr. Ho had said there was “some shortage” due to the phone’s camera having been designed specifically for HTC. Basically, he had said that production took some time to be ramped up.

[via Wall Street Journal]



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