On Monday, some lucky Droid Incredible users started getting their Gingerbread update pushed to their phones. Today Verizon has confirmed that the update has been halted and delayed. With Gingerbread over half a year old, its been available in custom ROMs for months now. Apparently something in the Sense laden version isn’t working out quite right though as the build has been sent back to testing.

HTC’s Droid Incredible came out early last year, with the first batch of 1 GHz smartphones. Being over a year old though, with a successor already on the market, the Incredible is not at the top of Verizon’s priority list. That being said, a late update is better than no update I suppose.

Manufacturers’ skinning the updates, and then loading carriers’ bloatware and testing the functionality of it all adds a good delay to these updates. Apparently not enough of this testing was done in Verizon’s opinion as something caused them to halt the update and go back to testing. Of course if you REALLY want Gingerbread, then CyanogenMod is waiting

[via Verizon]