Well, fancy that. After hearing a new rumor suggesting that the Droid Incredible, manufactured by HTC, would be seeing its update to Android 2.2 officially beginning September 1st, we get this brand new leak, which suggests something quite different. Thanks to a tipster, it looks like the Incredible’s update is actually coming tomorrow. That’s right, Incredible owners who aren’t rooted (and already on 2.2), it looks like you get your time in the sunshine very soon.

The full list of updates is below, in screenshot format for your viewing pleasure, but here’s a quick run down of what you can expect to see. 720p HD video recording; 3G mobile hotspot appliication; pre-installed VZ Navigator software; integrated Adobe Flash Player 10.1; and the ability to rotate your device 270-degrees (left or right). The update is an Over the Air (OTA) version, so expect it to start in a rolling wave, which means if you don’t get it tomorrow as soon as you wake up (if you go to sleep), don’t freak out. You’ll get it.

[via Droid-Life]