One thing that all geeks have in common is that we are always dying to learn more details information on coming gadgets. This is the reason we sit in front of our computer starting at someone we don’t know unboxing the random gadget as soon as we can. We do our fare share of unboxing videos around there so we know exactly why you watch. The gang over at Wirefly has tossed up an unboxing video of a new smartphone from HTC that hasn’t been officially announced just yet.

The new smartphone is called the HTC Droid incredible 2. Not only did Wirefly unbox the smartphone, but they also offered up a video overview of what the phone has to offer. The Incredible 2 is the follow up to the original Incredible for the Verizon wireless network. The phone has a camera and dual LED flash on the back. The new Incredible 2 has a larger and wider screen. The original had a 3.7-inch screen and the new device has a 4-inch screen. The rear camera is 8MP and records 720p video. An 8GB microSD card is included

This is a global phone so you can travel and use different countries. It can be unlocked at Verizon to use international service via a SIM card. The device connects to the 3G EVDO network that is widespread around the country. The Incredible 2 comes with an international power adapter, charging cable, and a bunch of tips that will let you charge the smartphone wherever you end up. At one point you catch a glimpse of the boot screen and the screen says it has a Qualcomm MSM8655 processor at 1GHz, WVGA resolution screen, Android OS, and a few other tidbits.