Well what do we have here? The reliable folks of @evleaks have yet another leaked press shot to show us, this time putting the HTC Deluxe – otherwise known as the global edition of the HTC DROID DNA – on display for the international community to go crazy over. Unfortunately, the press shot is all we’re getting, but if this truly is the DROID DNA international edition, then we already have a pretty good idea of what’s in store.

That’s because the HTC DROID DNA isn’t likely to change all that much as it makes its way overseas. We’ll still have sexy 5-inch screen, and the US version of the DROID DNA comes equipped with a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor and 2GB of RAM to power everything. There’s 16GB of internal storage to take advantage of too, but unfortunately it’s lacking a microSD card slot, so users won’t be able to expand on the memory at all.

Some of those things may change with the DROID Deluxe, but we’re not expecting many of them to. Then again, you never really know with these things, and since we don’t have any specs for the DROID Deluxe at the moment, we’re hesitant to say for sure that the components in the US DROID DNA will be present in the international version.

Our friends over at SlashGear point out that the leaked press shot doesn’t give away any information on 3G or 4G compatibility, though we’re with them in thinking that HTC will likely release the Deluxe as an international phone with LTE support in at least some areas. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the Deluxe, so we’ll just have to keep an ear to the ground for additional details. Keep it tuned here to Android Community, as we’ll have those details for you once we hear more!

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