The HTC developer known as “Football” on Twitter sent out a tweet containing what appears to be specifications for the up-coming HTC smartphone known as DLX, which is rumored to be headed to the Verizon lineup. Although little is officially known about the HTC DLX, it is rumored to be named the One X 5 or DROID Incredible X. A concept image has been floating around the Web for a few weeks.

The tweet by Football confirms some of the rumors that have been circulating about this behemoth smartphone, including that it will have a 5-inch HD (1080p) display. Because of the smartphone’s sizeable screen, it has been dubbed a phablet, one of a few phones toeing the line between phone and tablet. In addition to the screen size, the tweet seems to confirm the rumors of a Snapdragon processor and Android Jelly Bean (4.1.2, to be specific).

If the tweet is correct, it seems the DLX will have 1.5GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a 2MP front camera and 12MP rear camera, a 2500mAh battery, and 1.5Ghz S4 Pro processor from Snapdragon. Sadly, no word was given on whether the phone is headed to Verizon, or when it will be available. Official details from HTC are still unavailable.

This information meshes well with the report from DigiTimes claiming that an industry insider says HTC plans to release a device with a full HD screen in September or October of this year. GLBenchmarks shows a device that corroborates most of the specs listed in Football’s tweet, including the Snapdragon processor. Although no official word has been given, information in the rumorsphere seems to confirm Football’s tweet.

[via Droid Life]


  1. Lets see if they finally do a mass release. HTC can you release a device on every carrier and stop the exclusives? No wonder the One series wasnt so great in sales. You only released the flagship device on AT&T. And you did it twice in one year for the same device. That is just stupid. You really need to stop the exclusives.

  2. i dont get the exclusive part, probably coz im from the UK and this has got to be a american thing…but i just cant wait for this device, been waiting soo long for htc to release a phone with the quad core s4 pro processor and adreno 320 gpu to make it future proof….but the battery is just not up to par, and 16 gb is a joke, hopefully they’ll up their game and just surprise us all…who knows, lets just “wait”… it just pisses me off waiting for something, i want it now just take my “f in” money and lets get it done and over with….sheesh

  3. This is where I draw the line. 5 inch is just too large, too much. Had they had the 2500 mAH on this installed in 4.7-inch One X+, plus the already reported 64GB on One X+ then IT’S PERFECT! I’ll be first on the line! But not this. Not this.

    • i’d only buy a 5″ phone if the buttons are soft buttons, that way, it’s possible the phone could be smaller than the one x

    • Well you’re comparing cellphones which doesn’t really work there, its not meant to be a cellphone, its meant to be a hybrid device to compete in the Phablet market, some people think bigger is better, and its often true because the bigger the better the equipment and specs.

  4. This is where I draw the line. 5 inch is just too large, too much. Had they had the 2500 mAH on this installed in 4.7-inch One X+, plus the already reported 64GB on One X+ then IT’S PERFECT! I’ll be first on the line! But not this. Not this.

  5. Another 16GB joke with no SD card and no removable battery. Google is trying real hard to cripple these phones. I am sure they are trying to keep costs down with 16GB but that is .simply not enough storage if they don’t provide an SD expansion slot. Guess it is back to non Nexus phones.

  6. A lot of storage on a phone is outdated, get with the times the new thing is storing in the cloud. Download the albums you listen to most, not all of them like conventional mp3s. Don’t keep movies that you aren’t currently watching downloaded on your device. Unless you’re downloading a bunch of 1 GB games by Gameloft then I don’t see the point of needing anything above 16 GB of storage.

    • Cloud storage has its draw back…security and safety, use of more data which translates to more money, u are at the mercy of Network availability and signal strength in some areas. Besides Androids selling point is the ability to customize ur device the way u want…so why should Google give us one size fits all storage capacity. At least a 16GB and 32GB model with SD card of 64GB. OR 32GB and 64GB if they aren’t gonna include SD card slot.Give us options..we will be the ones paying for and using these devices.

    • Cloud storage isn’t as convenient, can be hacked into, needs internet connectivity AND is prone to have data charges!…a smartphone with no SD is a phone not being sold to me.

    • Don’t you get it?! Cloud storage isn’t designed for the customer’s benefit, its for the company’s benefit (monetary, of course).

  7. I don’t care about the battery because 2500mAH should be sufficient. But, the removable SD is important. Without that, they will lose plenty of prospect sales.


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