The new HTC One is running through the FCC, it seems. A filing shows what just may be the “all new” One, unless HTC has another LTE device coming soon. While we don’t get any decent pics of the new HTC handset, we can glean some interesting specs from the filing.

We see that HTC has a few variants running through, and one Twitter post notes they’re simply for different carriers. All have an “NM8” aspect, which leads us to buy into the One theory (M8). From there we can see there are different variants for all four US carriers, as well as an international version.

It seems as though the handset will work on GSM 850 and 1900, which are North American bands. It will also oeprate on WCDMA bands II, IV, and V. LTE bands 4, 7, and 17 are also on offer, with NFC and Bluetooth rounding out the connectivity features. We don’t get much info on specs from this FCC filing, unfortunately.

With a March 25th launch, and several leaked pictures of the device, the newest One looks to be a decent update. HTC needs a solid flagship device they can look to, which is something many argue they’ve never really had. If the leaks and this FCC filing are any indication, they may be building a flagship brand to be proud of.

Thanks, Dave!