The HTC Desire is one of those devices that, the moment you look at it, you just know it should be running the latest and greatest software. It’s just got that look and feel. And, while it may have the same specifications as the Nexus One, there’s one big thing that keeps it from getting updates as fast as that vanilla-based device. HTC’s Sense UI. Well apparently it’s not too bad, because according to some recent tweets from HTC’s Regional Director, Mark Moon, Android 2.2 may be coming next week.

On twitter Mark Moons said (translated):
Tweet 1:
“Tommorow we start with the upgrades to Android 2.2 for the Desire, more devices later on”

“…(which doesn’t mean that everybody will be getting it tomorrow… there’s a bandwidth limit)”

Tweet 3:
“A lot of (amongst others) tweakers look forward to 2.2 with extra attention to a specific feature… but 1 important one hasn’t been mentioned! guess…”

So, that seems pretty definitive, but then again, stranger things have happened. What it does mean, at least, is that Android 2.2 is a pretty common commodity out there for wireless carriers, and it’s obviously being tested. So, basically, it just looks like it’s any day now before we all start getting some official updates. And then we can start looking forward to Android 3.0, as if we’re not already.

[via SlashPhone]