T-Mobile UK’s HTC Desire has only been in buyers’ pockets for a week or so, but already the carrier is warning owners to be ready for an OTA update.  In a new post on the carrier’s support forum, T-Mobile says they are “aware that HTC is planning to release a new software update” and are working with the manufacturer to make sure owners have no issues receiving it.

“T-Mobile recently launched the HTC Desire and the phone has been very well received by our customers. We are aware that HTC is planning to release a new software update and we are currently working with them to provide an ‘over the air’ update for customers with an earlier version. The update will happen in the coming week and we’ll keep you posted on any developments as and when we have them.” T-Mobile UK

The exact details of what the update contains is unclear, though there has been talk recently about the Desire encountering last-minute issues that have potentially been the cause of delays for unlocked, SIM-free units.  The OTA update itself is scheduled to go out at some point over the next seven days.