The recently announced HTC Desire HD has sure been active on the internet lately. Even though it has yet to have been released, it has already been benchmarked and had it’s Android 2.2 Froyo ROM dumped online. The ROM is looking to be very attractive for users of the similar Windows based HD2.

Over the next few weeks expect this hack to be getting a lot of polish and refinements to make it available along with full instructions. Since the HD2 and the Desire HD share similar specs and have the same screen size, users of the Windows riddled device may not have to wait long for their own taste of Froyo and the new HTC Sense UI. There was a video of this port in action on YouTube, however, since it’s upload it has been pulled down.

Also, the Desire HD’s benchmark scores are proving to be very impressive. With it’s updated Snapdragon MSM8255 processor, it’s posting a Quadrant score of nearly 2,000. For those who do not remember this is a substantial increase of two thirds over the Froyo-equipped Nexus One.

[Via Engadget]