The second part of HTC’s Android attack, the HTC Desire, certainly has the heritage and hype, but is it actually a decent phone?  That’s just the question we’ve been grappling with over at SlashGear, where our full HTC Desire review has just gone live.  We’ve made plenty of comparison against the Desire’s effective sibling, the Google Nexus One, too.

Of course, the Google Nexus One isn’t available – at least without importing it – outside of the US yet, and so the Desire will certainly beat it to European shelves.  It also has, arguably, a better looking UI, in the shape of HTC Sense, which packs social networking integration right out of the box.

So, two phones remarkably similar in specifications, appearance and promise: which comes out ahead?  Head over to the full HTC Desire review over at SlashGear to find out more!

HTC Desire vs. Google Nexus One:

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