Dear sneaky ninja photographers, thank you so very much for your help in finding ways for early adopters to get pumped up earlier than was ever possible before. That said, the photos you’re about to lay eyes on, dear reader, were submitted to fonearena overnight, and they show no less than , , , , and a in various inventory lists. Although we trust fonearena to be tossing out trustable info, and they say this source has been good in the past, there’s always the fact that these lists could quite easily have been replicated in any gridlike program for computing.

Regardless of that, this is exciting. HTC Desire 2 and HTC Pyramid which was only just rumored a couple days ago. HTC Flyer, a much looked forward to Android tablet. The LG Optimus 3D! Star Tab LG, looking like, as FoneArena suggests, the European version of the Optimus Pad. Most or all of these devices will be revealed in earnest at Mobile World Congress 2011, a set of events which we’ll be running around quickly to bring you news about all bits in time and with mighty excitement.

[Via FoneArena]