HTC’s head of design is leaving the company, according to a new report. The man who is ultimately responsible for new hardware designs like the One flagship device is striking out on his own. Reportedly leaving to pursue his own projects, Scot Croyle will remain on in a consulting role for a few months.


Taking Croyle’s place is Jonah Becker, who has served as Croyle’s second in command and will run the San Francisco design studio for HTC. When we reached out for comment on the move, we got the same vanilla response as The Verge:

HTC remains at the forefront of smartphone innovation. Scott Croyle will be focusing on special projects and dedicated on next generation developments.

Though HTC is marking this as a transition, Croyle’s consultancy role is likely to keep him closely involved with HTC devices for a while, and we’ll likely see his input on the next iteration of the One. HTC also made Drew Bamford chief of all HTC software and services, a jump from his previous role leading Sense.

Though HTC has seen some odd management moves recently, Croyle’s departure is likely to have the more immediate impact on consumers. The original One and subsequent follow-up were both well received and widely though of as the most premium Android device on offer. It will be interesting to see how HTC follows those up, at least once Croyle is no longer in the picture.

Source: The Verge