HTC has reiterated its commitment to Beats By Dre, denying reports that the recent replacement of its Chief Financial Officer is a prelude to reducing involvement with the audio brand. Speculation about the role Beats Audio would continue to play was spurred this week when CFO Winston Yung was replaced by Chia-Lin Chang, Yung being shifted to a “corporate development role.”

At the time, some reports indicated that Yung had been a significant player in the Beats Audio investment by HTC, and pointed to the executive switch-up as a sign that the company might be having a change of heart. Not so, says HTC CEO Peter Chou in the following statement given to Android Community:

On Monday, HTC announced the appointment of Chia-Lin Chang as Chief Financial Officer with Winston Yung, his predecessor, transitioning to a corporate development role.

“Media speculation that ties this announcement to HTC’s partnership and investment in Beats By Dre is categorically inaccurate,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “HTC and Beats have made impressive progress in innovation and brand awareness and the integration of the Beats brand and technology in the new HTC One series is a clear indication of our commitment to this partnership.”

Nonetheless, there remain questions around how much Beats hardware HTC will bundle in future devices. Earlier this month saw suggestions that Beats Headphones would no longer be bundled as a matter of course with HTC devices.


  1. I read that Beats was just preset software equalizer settings. But I’ve installed it on my non Beats rooted HTC handsets and it just causes my speakers to be pushed beyond their limits. So unless HTC now includes better speakers in the handset to be able to handle the bass boost then it really sounds like a waste. However if they bump up the quality of speakers to what the HP Touchpad has then omg, I’m all on board for a One S.

  2. Beats is BS and just adds cost to the phone with no value added. What could Dr Dre possibly know about headphone and/or sound reinforcement technology that Koss, Senheiser, etc. don’t know?

    All these high-cost designer headphones are a scam. Like Monster cables.

    I would be very happy if HTC abandoned beats.


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