One of the most exciting phones hitting the market is ready for pre-order in the UK; sort of. The HTC Butterfly, or Droid DNA as it’s known in the US, is finally ready to be reserved for buyers in the UK. Online retailer Expansys has posted the listing today, however, there is some critical information missing from the listing such as price and release date.

HTC has not mentioned anything about this announcement, so this listing is essentially just telling us that the device may exist, which we assumed was the case already. The listing essentially allows you to place a reservation on the device, but the retailer will not charge your card and they will confirm that you still want it whenever the device actually becomes available.

Just last week we heard that the Butterfly is coming to China, and now it seems likely that UK will receive a version of the device as well. This could be a premature listing or it could be the real deal, but either way, this seems like a serious indication that phone should be making its way to UK shores one way or the other, and it will probably happen fairly soon. Hopefully HTC announces something official about a UK release of the phone soon.

Edit: It’s worth noting this device hasn’t been announced for the UK, meaning this will be imported and sold by Expansys and may not be fully covered by HTC’s typical warranty.

The version listed on the Expansys website comes with a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM. It also comes with 16GB of internal storage. Oh, and of course, there is the impressive 5-inch screen that supports a beautiful 1920X1080 resolution. It is also an unlocked, SIM-free version, which means it will likely have a high price-tag. The version announced for China comes with a price tag of around $700, and the UK version is likely to carry a similar price tag.

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