Last time we heard from HTC CEO Peter Chou was when he denied ever saying that he had plans to quit the company. Chou addressed those comments as rumor and made it clear that he was “not going to find another job.” And well, it looks like he also had a few things to say on the topic of a comeback and market share during a recent shareholder meeting.

Speaking during that meeting Chou talked about how the company managed to maintain a 4 precent global market share last year. But more to the point here, Chou asked for some time with the promise of a comeback. The goal seems a bit lofty given the present situation, however he asks for this time based on “more than six years of strenuous efforts” and due to HTC having already “built up a clear brand image.”

With that in mind, HTC is aiming to bring their global market share up to somewhere between 10 and 15 percent.

“We managed to maintain a 4-percent global smartphone market share last year and we are determined to do our best to expand the percentage to 10 to 15 percent in the future,”

There wasn’t anything specific in terms of how long into the ‘future’ this will take, but Chou does appear determined. Further comments talk about how 2013 will be a “watershed year” and about how the company has made big breakthroughs in the product line.

Of course, that brings us to the HTC One, which at present is being pushed by a few US carriers. In fact, this brings another point from Chou. He went on to talk about how the US availability of the HTC marks the first time four US operators have promoted the same HTC handset at the same time and that this is part of the company’s new marketing strategy.

Time will tell whether HTC will reach the goal of 10 to 15 percent, however if nothing else, Peter Chou doesn’t appear ready to throw in the towel just yet.


SOURCE: Focus Taiwan