With the new HTC One (M8), a slew of official accessories can be had with it. Like they did last year, HTC has released a lineup of official accessories meant to enhance your experience with their handset. Between a phone to accompany their phone, and the usual lineup of cases and battery packs, the One (M8) accesory lineup is already better than what’s on offer for most devices.


We’ve gone over cases in some depth previously, so we’ll not take up more of your time here. We get the flip case and Double Dip case from last year’s One, of course redesigned for the new HTC One. There is also a new Dot View cover that is like the flip case on HGH. It’s a lot like the flip case, save for a rudimentary (and oddly endearing) digital display on the front. If you’re into flip cases, this is definitely one to look at.

Battery pack, speaker, and a car kit

HTC has brought out their battery pack once again, and it’s still as stylish and cool as ever. A lot like the TLYT battery packs we’ve reviewed previously, this one puts style on par with functionality. The 9,000mAh battery will keep you charged several times before needing a charge of its own.

HTC also has a Boombase for this year’s One, and it’s a stand/speaker system for your device. HTC is promising up to nine hours of music playback and 120 hours standby, so it will last days even with moderate use. Pairing is simple with NFC, making it a good solution for those who just want more sound in short order.

A car kit is also available for the HTC One (M8), custom made to fit perfectly. There is a window or dash mount, and the cradle covers about half the device’s edges. The cradle also has room for a charger, so you can charge handsomely while on the go. When you dock your HTC One (M8), a suite of larger apps meant for easier use while on the go pops up.

The HTC Mini+ and Fetch

With the fetch, HTC has introduced a simple way to pair your phone with a small BLE device. Slip one onto your keyring, and when they get too far apart, you’ll be notified. Lose your phone and Fetch will sound an alarm when you get within 15 meters. With Fetch, you’ll never have to pay fetch to find your phone again.

HTC’s Mini+ is a mini phone that acts as your phone when you use your phone. Kidding aside, it’s an accompanying device meant to tackle simple tasks while you use your HTC One (M8) for things like watching a movie. You don’t want to be interrupted, so the Mini+ will handle all kinds of tasks from taking phone calls to sending text messages. It also acts a remote camera so you can take pics from your phone at a distance. You can even use the Mini+ as a remote, or use it to power presentations or as a laser pointer to drive your cats nuts.


Another year, another great handset from HTC, and a slew of really nice accessories. Top to bottom, HTC has us covered pretty nicely with add-ons for our new One (M8). What do you think of HTC’s announcements today? Let us know in the comments section!