Despite the fact that HP acquired Palm (the house that built webOS), it looks like HP’s first tablet is actually going to be powered by our favorite little green android. The tablet is called the Zeen, and it’s not a self-sustaining machine like many of the other tablets out there. It’s meant, actually, to be a companion device to HP’s upcoming “Zeus” printer, and act more as an interface unit than anything else. But, it’s still running Android, so that’s got our interest.

According to DigiTimes, who are citing “upstream component makers,” the tablet will feature a 7-inch touchscreen display, an ARM-based processor, a 800×400 resolution, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of NAND flash storage. This isn’t meant, by any means, to be a high-end device, and it probably won’t be on anyone’s radar for their next big tablet purchase, even come the holidays. Also according to the Chinese tech paper, HP expects to start selling this thing next month. So, it won’t be too long here before we get to see the little guy in action. No word on what version of Android it will be running, or what the price will be.

[via DigiTimes]