Today at the HP/webOS event we’ve got our pals SlashGear reporting back and we just had to take a peek at what they were seeing. Turns out they are indeed announcing the HP TouchPad, a tablet computer that does show some hearty promise. Would you like to know how well it would hold up against the also recently announced Motorola XOOM tablet, that tablet running Android 3.0 Honeycomb? You’re in luck, we’ve got that kind of battle. Behold an apples to apples (aka no Apple) tablet matchup!

Below you’ll see a chart listing all of the points you’re going to want to see as far as specs compared on these two tablets. These are CONFIRMED specs on both devices, both of them having been officially announced by their manufacturers. The things we dont have confirmed at bits of information that we’ll have to attain once we’ve got the devices in our hands, items like battery time and actual video quality which one would only truly be able to judge once one had a chance to test the device.

So without further ado, behold a knife fight between two tablets!

Will these specs make up your mind, or are you still hung on a line? Take a peek below for a gallery containing our own photos of these devices, both on screen and in hand. Here at Android Community we’ve got sort of a bias for Android devices, but we’ve gotta say, that webOS tablet doesn’t look half bad.