Everyone’s favorite firesale tablet is still going strong, at least as far as developers and modders are concerned. The HP TouchPad got a port of CyanogenMod 9 ice cream sandwich just a few weeks ago, and the progress made thus far is impressive to say the least. While still in Alpha, the ROM build has graduated to Alpha 0.6, with a number of additions to the stability and user interface of Android. Adventurous flashers can download the build from RootzWiki now, and install it normally through Clockwork Mod Recovery.

The biggest changes to the software have been made in the alert area, which is now scrollable. Tap the clock and the familiar quick info screen pops up. Tap it again and you’ve got access to a bevvy of quick settings, some of them stock and some of them added in by the CyanogenMod team. The CM settings section that long-time users will be familiar with is now embedded into the main settings menu, though most of the options are still left blank. One important change (especially if you still use the default WebOS software with any regularity) is the expanded reboot menu, which now allows you to go to the OS selection screen or Clockwork Mod from the ROM itself.

Here’s a look at Alpha 0.6 from YouTube user RolandDeschain79.


There’s still a lot of work to be done – this isn’t anywhere near finished enough to be your daily driver. The biggest missing features at the moment are the camera function and video acceleration, which means that apps like Netflix, HBO GO and the HD videos in the YouTube app won’t work. But thrifty modders live and breathe this stuff, so I’m sure that more than a few of you aren’t even reading this and have already started downloading the ROM. Happy flashing!