It seems that some of the excitement has died down around running Android on the HP TouchPad tablet. But that thought aside, it looks like we are still seeing ROMs being released. And just recently, it looks like an updated CM9 and an (unofficial) CM10 build have come available for use.

For those needing the breakdown, CM9 is based on Ice Cream Sandwich and CM10 is based on Jelly Bean. The nice part here, both of these builds bring something that was not previously working — support for the camera. The CM9 build is part of the official nightly series from CyanogenMod. The CM10 build comes by way of James Sullins (jcsullins) and can be found over on the RootzWiki site.

Beginning first with the CM9 nightlies, the latest build includes support for the front-facing camera as well as the microphone. In short, this latest nightly build seems to complete things in terms of hardware support. Those interested in running CM9 will be able to find the nightlies over on the Cyanogen website.

In terms of the CM10 build, this is an unofficial release. Simply put, it is not coming direct from Cyanogen. That said, this build does contain support for the camera as well as the microphone and sound. Again, similar to the CM9 nightlies, this CM10 build should round out the missing hardware support.

All said and done, those choosing to install either of these ROMs, remember, the installation process is at your own risk. But for those willing to take that risk, there is a rather nice set of directions including with the CM10 update.

[via Liliputing]