Printers aren’t necessarily a priority now for those who want to have smart homes, but it can still be a necessity for some who still need to print out documents and things for their work or for personal enjoyment. While there are smart printers available out there, they’re not nearly as robust as other devices and accessories. Tech stalwart HP is aiming to “reinvent” how we interact with our printer with their new product, the HP Tango. It is a smart, app-centric, and stylish printer that should fit right in with your room decor.

While there are already a lot of printers out there that can print from your smartphone, the HP Tango is probably one of the if not the first that can let you do that even if you’re not anywhere near your printer. You use the HP Smart app to connect to the printer, wherever you may be, and you will be able to utilize your phone’s data or WiFi connection to be able to reach the printer and send whatever it is that needs to be printed.

The app can also serve other purposes connected to the printer. It will send you notifications once the printing job is done. It can also let you know what your ink levels are, if you’re running out of ink, and then let you order directly from the app or do it automatically through HP Instant Ink. You can also control the printer through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana.

The HP Tango has a minimalist and compact design that uses soft materials as an aesthetic accent and also a pretty paper landing zone. It uses guided lighting LED to illuminate the tray when you’re printing or when you’re out of paper. If you want a nicer looking cover for your printer, you can also get one of their fancy covers in Indigo Linen, Charcoal Linen, and eventually Cork Currant.

The starting price of the HP Tango is at $149 but if you want one of the aforementioned fancy covers, the price will be $199. The smart printer will be available by October this year.