One of the trends for the past few years when it comes to mobile photography is that this generation loves both the digital and the physical photos. You see the proliferation of various photo sharing apps and also of people printing out photos that they put in their journals, on their walls, exchange with friends, etc. One of the newest products that cater to this market is the HP Sprocket Photo Printer, a tiny device that lets you print those photos that you deem worthy of printing.

The best thing probably about this new product is that it’s tiny enough for you to carry anywhere and everywhere. It can literally fit into your back pocket. And you don’t even need ink or toner cartridges to power it, since the prints are made using the ZINK Zero Ink Technology where all the colors required are embedded in the smudge-proof, water-resistant, and tear-resistant photo paper. After printing, just tear off the backing and they turn into stickers that you can put anywhere.


You can print from anywhere that has Bluetooth connectivity, whether it’s your laptop, phone, or tablet. You can also edit the photos first using the HP Sprocket App which lets you customize the photos by adding frames, text, stickers, filters, and other things to make your photos even more fun and personal. The final product gets printed on the 2×3 photo paper which you then can use for collages, art projects, etc.


The HP Sprocket Photo Printer is available at, Amazon, or and will cost you $129.99. The ZINK photo paper is sold separately in packs of 10 for $9.99. The printer comes in either white with rose gold accents or black with silver accents.


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