Rumor has it that HP will soon be outing not one but two low-cost Android smartphones, possibly next week. While we have almost no idea what these devices will be like, this latest tip gives one possible scenario of one of the duo, for now called the HP Slate 6 Voice Tab.

HP has had a bit of a rough tumble with Android devices, with its earliest Android tablets ending in what can hardly be considered a resounding success. Lately, however, HP has been more aggressive in its campaign, from its Slate line of tablets to its SlateBook convertibles, and even a few Chromebooks. One market segment that HP has been missing out on are smartphones, but that could very well be changing soon.

This HP Slate 6 bears, as the name indicates, a 6-inch display with 1280×720 screen resolution, definitely a gigantic phablet. The processor, based on the tip source, is a 1 GHz quad-core Marvell processor. It is said to also have dual SIM support, which goes well with the target markets intended for this Slate 6 Voice Tab. This device is primarily targeted at emerging markets like China and India, though it probably wouldn’t hurt to see it in other countries as well. A very small, very blurry photo was leaked out supposedly of the phablet, showing a large slab with HP’s signature logo at the back.


The HP Slate 6 Voice Tab is said to be priced at $200 without a contract. There are still no details on the other phablet that HP is rumored to have ready. That one is expected to have a larger 7-inch display and will naturally come with a higher $250 price tag.

VIA: phoneArena