Sources from inside HP are saying they’ve got an Android phone coming. The anonymous sources claim the device will be a lot like the Galaxy Note from Samsung, offering a similar screen size. The new device is said to be around $200, meaning there will likely be severe corners cut on this HP offering. Though we like the downward trend for device cost, is this a step too far?

The sources tell 9to5Google that the PC maker, who has recently delved into the Chromebook market, will bring a $200 Android handset which “resembles” the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note. Said to be released next week in “more tun one market”, it may not come to the US just yet. The source has it pointed at the BRIC market, an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Those markets can withstand such a device, while the more demanding US consumer would likely dismiss it altogether.

We don’t yet have details on the handset, but HP’s corner cutting is usually evident. Their Slate lowered the resolution to 720p, and the Chromebook is notable for its cheap materials — and appearance. Though HP has a fence-sitting approach to Android and handsets, they’re likely getting involved. CEO Meg Whitman has noted in the past that they’ll have to offer a handset at some point, and it looks like they want to occupy the low end of the spectrum.

We’d like to be excited, but we’re just not. Aside from the fact it may not even hit us domestically, we’re just not thrilled at the thought of a $200 Note competitor. Hopefully, HP can surprise us, and bring something great to market for the price. Their recent forays into lower-cost devices tell us that we’ll get what we pay for, though.


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