Smartwatches that don’t look like actual smartwatches seem to be the growing trend in the relatively young wearable industry. And for fashionable people especially, having a simple looking accessory on your wrist is not that appealing. So when something fashionable looking that can also do more than just tell time comes to the market, then people pay attention. And if you’re a fan of Isaac Mizrahi, then you’ll be happy to know he now has a smartwatch and it’s powered by HP.

While of course HP is not a brand associated with wearable devices, what we’ve seen so far is pretty good. The Isaac Mizrahi original watch is designed for women primarily, but hey, if you’re a guy and you like it, no one’s stopping you. The watch face is framed by Swarovski crystals and uses the classic analog watch face which some people still prefer. But the twist of course is that you can get discrete notifications for incoming calls, calendar alerts and texts, emails, etc through an OLED digital display. In fact, it is so subtle that the brand name of Isaac Mizrahi is more noticeable than the notifications.

Aside from the notifications, the smartwatch also has activity tracking and will send you updates from Mizrahi himself (if you like that kind of thing). It is also water-resistant up to 3 atmospheres, can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth and you can use any USB port to charge it up through a custom fit clip on charger.

And since it’s fashionable, it is available in either Smartwatch Silver or Smartwatch Gold. There are also several color bands that you can interchange (pink, blue, gray, white). The Isaac Mizrahi smartwatch, powered by HP, is available through HP’s website and costs $249.99. The watch bands cost $39.99 each while the custom charger is at $19.99.