It seems that HP is quite in a rush to get out an affordable tablet that will try to endear itself to budget-conscious buyers this coming Friday. Teaming up with Walmart, the PC maker will be selling the 7-inch Mesquite tablet with a very low price and somewhat low specs.

As far as 7-inch tablets go, the HP Mesquite is quite mediocre. The screen size only affords a 1024×600 pixel resolution. It has support for 802.11 b/g/n WiFi but no options for 3G. It does have a VGA webcam and microphone for making video calls. Internal storage is set to 8 GB, which can be expanded with a microSD card.

What makes the tablet somewhat different from other budget tablets is the fact that it is running an Intel chip instead of the usual cost-efficient ARM processors. It is, however, no beast. The Intel Atom Z2460, a single-core CPU that runs at 1.6 GHz, runs the whole show and is paired with 1 GB of RAM. This should be enough to smoothly handle the Android 4.1 OS running on it, but don’t expect jaw-dropping performance on resource-intensive tasks.

The selling point of the HP Mesquite is, of course, it’s price tag, which comes at a low $89. However, given that discounts and sales are most likely to happen soon, quite a number of sub- or near sub-$100 dollar tablets are likely to pry customers away from this HP device, despite, or may be even because of, the more popular brand.

VIA: The Droid Guy