For some unknown reason or puprose, HP is reviving the use of the Compaq brand for some new devices. However, don’t expect to see these soon as these low-end tablets are heading for the Chinese market.

HP acquired Compaq in 2002 and while it has supposedly remained in use for some of its systems, it has almost all but disappeared from any significant media coverage. HP has not had a very good run with Android tablets in the past, so it is quite surprising to see the company release three new tablets using the venerable Compaq name.

All three of these tablets, surprisingly, run on a quad-core Allwinner A31, not exactly the processor you’d expect from HP. The Compaq 7 and the Compaq 7+ both sport a 7-inch display with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. The difference between the two models is with the display technology, with the Compaq 7 using a TN panel while the 7+ has a better IPS screen. The Compaq 8’s IPS display measures 7.85 inches with an ever so slightly higher 1024×768 resolution. All these Compaq tablets have 1 GB of RAM and 8 or 16 GB storage configurations.

It is quite strange that HP would suddenly reuse the Compaq name for budget Android tablets, but perhaps it is banking on the popularity of that brand to increase interest in the new devices. The tablets will be launching in China with prices starting at 999 yuan, or around $165.

VIA: Liliputing