If the FCC and Bluetooth SIG websites are to be believed, HP is apparently about to launch a brand new 10-inch tablet. Images and specs of the unannounced device called the HP 10 G2 suddenly appeared on the sites recently, and it just might be an updated version of the original HP 10 tablet. But unlike its predecessor that ran on Windows, the new HP tablet might just very well be an Android device.

The photos that appeared on the FCC website briefly (and vaguely) shows that the new HP tablet may very well be sporting the latest Android software. The specs from the sites show that it will have a MediaTek MT8127A processor, and from the name itself, it will have a 10-inch display. It will be running on a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 chip with Mali-450 graphics and a top speed of 1.5 GHz. Even though it may be slightly faster than the original HP 10 tablet, it’s still at an entry-level or slightly mid-range device.

The pictures show that the tablet will have front and rear cameras (but not megapixels were mentioned) and there might also be a microSD card slot just a little below the power button. Of course there’s a headphone jack at the top and then a micro USB (no USB 3 here) port at the bottom.

Based on these specs and also the look and feel, the HP 10 G2 will probably be a budget tablet and not a high-performance one, as per the things we know about it so far. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement from HP soon and see if our assumptions, and the rumors, are correct.

VIA: Liliputing