So you’re just clickin around on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, thinking about how awesome it would be to go for a hike up in the mountains when BAM! You see something amazing on the screen and you panic! You don’t know how to take a screenshot! Well check it out: all you’ve got to do is hold the back button and press the power button. If you do it right, you’ll hear and shutter “click.” Then it gets really fun.

So you’re just sitting there having taken your first screen shot on your Samsung Galaxy Tab and getting all satisfied when BAM! You realize you don’t know where the image went! Have no fear! Here is where it went: each shot is saved onto the Tab’s microSD card, to be found in the ScreenCapture folder. When you find them, you can email them or move them to your computer via mounting, or, the most likely scenario: upload them to your favorite site. – Thanks miiAndroid!